How to Fix PS3 DNS Error (80710102)

PS3 DNS Error 300x225 How to Fix PS3 DNS Error (80710102)


The error code 80710102 is displayed on your PlayStation 3 when it tries to connect to your Internet Service Provider’s (ISP) Domain Name Server (DNS) and fails to connect.

If you are unable to connect to your DNS then, then you will be deprived of accessing the online contents available in the console’s home server. PS3 DNS error message is followed by an error code like “80710102, you must write down this code to get further help from SONY.

How to Fix PS3 DNS Error:


We are dividing the PS3 DNS error fix in two sections, one is a faulty interconnection and another one is misconfigured PS3.

Faulty Internet Connection:

1. Restart your modem to which your PS3 is connected. Sometime rebooting the modem fixes any problem related with the internet connection. To restart your modem simply power it off and power it on again after few minutes using the power switch of your modem.

PS3 DNS Settings:

1. If your PS3 can browse the network but can not log-in then follow those steps:

Use Open DNS to bypass your ISP’s DNS.

Set up your PS3 to use Open DNS server by going to Settings >> Network Settings >> Internet Connection Settings.

Select Yes, when a confirmation screen is displayed stating that you will be disconnected from the Internet.

Select Custom.

Select your connection method, Wired or Wireless. If you’re on a Wired network, then select Auto-Detect.
If you’re on a Wireless network, then select the security type that your router is using and enter your Wireless Password.


IP Address Settings – Automatic and then Do Not Set (DHCP host name).
DNS Settings – Manual and enter the numbers below.
Primary DNS –
Secondary DNS –
MTU – Automatic
Proxy Server – Do Not Use
UPnP – Enable

Then press X to save the settings, and then X again to test the connection.

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2. If the problem with your PS3 DNS still persists then update the firmware of your PS3. To update the firmware you can follow the steps discussed here.

3. Check your PS3′s Primary DNS from the network connection setting. If it is displayed as then enter the DNS value manually and save it. You can ask your ISP for the DNS address if you don’t know it.


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